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The Hairy Details

Think you’ll look better with a beard? We do – at least during the month of September, which by the way is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – so your beard will say as much about your style as it does about your heart. Join the thousands who have joined Septembeard in supporting the best prostate cancer research programs on Earth. All dedicated to discovering better treatments and ultimately a cure for the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men.

 #Repost @catracho_running with @repostapp ・・・ One more day to the start of our quest to raise a million dollars to help fund to find a cure for prostate cancer. Please help me and the guys @septembeard make that happen. I'll be selling these bracelets for $1 will all proceeds going to team page. You can also click the link in my bio if you have any questions. Help a hero and support my beard. Thank you in advance! #Septembeard #prostatecancerawareness #prostatecancer  Another fun fact from @prostateissues! #septembeard #menswear #cancersucks #beard #prostatecancer #droppinknowledge  Lookin good, @beardsforbombas!! Use the #septembeard hashtag and show us what yer workin with! # #prostatecancer #mensweardaily #menswear #cancersucks #beard #beardsofinstagram  We get it. We know that sometimes your beard might not be thick enough to have its own gravitational pull. We know that sometimes beards don't shine so brightly that they temporarily blind those who choose to look at your face. But there's no need to be bashful - our cause is noble! All beard densities are invited to help us fight cancer this September - even if you don't suspect your beard will reach your knees by the end of the month! #septembeard #menshealth #menswear #cancersucks #beard #beardsofinstagram #prostatecancer #cancer
 head over to @gentlemansride and check out their feed - lots of rad photography, cool motorcycles, and a solid mission to fight prostate cancer!  That beard really pulls his face together, man. Happy Famous Beard Friday! #jeffbridges #beard #beardsofinstagram #prostatecancer #beard #cancersucks #menswear  Use the #septembeard hashtag on your beard selfies (yes, you should absolutely be taking beard selfies!) to get featured on our feed! #cancer #prostatecancer #beardsofinstagram #beard #cancersucks #menswear #mensweardaily  Don't forget to use the #septembeard hashtag to get your beard progress featured on our feed! #prostatecancer #beardsofinstagram #beard #cancersucks #menswear #menshealth photo: Lesly B Juarez

Use #septembeard to land your face among these dashing specimines and spread the word to help end prostate cancer!

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