2018 Leaderbeard

Total Donations Raised

Pacific Division

Rank Team Name Total Amount Raised
1The Gray CPA$6,562.14
2Furry Fellas$3,405.26
3Team George$2,067.78
4Team Red Beard$575.44
5Bearded Brawlers$428.18
6Scruffy Guys$257.25
7Team UCSF$228.63
8Fibeard Federal Credit Union$212.00
9Beards 4 Bread$205.82
10Boaters Beard$102.92
11San Francisgrow$78.18
12Orinda Giants$75.00
13Jim B$51.45
14Wherehouse Wanderers$36.46
15Barbatum Gloria$25.73
16UCSF Urology$25.73
17McLovin's Beard$25.73
18Bearded Dragons$25.73
19UBS Beardos$0.00
20The Harden Dynasty$0.00

Southwestern Division

Rank Team Name Total Amount Raised
1Beards of Charity$1,719.24
2Bearder Collie$77.19
3Chewbacca Chin Wiskers$25.73
4Fur Muzzles$0.00
5Moss AlBEARDque$0.00

Midwestern Division

Rank Team Name Total Amount Raised
1Moon River$300.00
2Mercedes Beards of Bedford 17$250.00
3Sheyenne River Whiskers$245.80
4it's just as we beard$154.35
5Beards for Bombas$128.65
6Beard better have my money$51.46
7The Gray Goat$0.00

Southeastern Division

Rank Team Name Total Amount Raised
1Sids Guys$5,416.01
2Centraarchy Beardarchy$4,927.60
3Kappa Alpha Order (National Administrative Office)$1,561.85
5Grow for a Cure 2017$257.25
6Super Gramps$61.62
7Klassy Nupes$25.73
8Baton Rouge Beards$25.73
10Lempira Delta Running Consultants$0.00
12Furry Pizza Man$0.00
13Team Sparkhound$0.00

Eastern Division

Rank Team Name Total Amount Raised
1Team Steel$2,223.58
2Beardport Blue Devils$345.84
3Golden Beards$270.73
4Capital Crumb Catchers 2017$221.46
5Blue Bearded Devils$154.38
6We’ll Grow On You$154.35
7Thursday Night$126.45
8Boneyard Beards$51.46
9Steve's Crew$51.45
10Beards and Barbells$20.00
11Bowman Beards$0.00
13Beard Cultivating Suave Devils$0.00
14Chin Fuzz for a Cure$0.00
15The Bearded Trouts$0.00